Media vivo V15 Pro – A Smart Phone With Good Amounts Of Memory

This article will let you know how the vivo v15 pro performance compared to others smart phones like Nokia E73 and Samsung Galaxy S8. This phone is an ideal mobile device if you are looking for a phone that has great looks and features. The whole family can use this phone with ease. The device runs on the base of Android OS 5.1. The phone is an inexpensive one hundred and ten grams phone and can be easily carried around. A neat case and a decent battery help the phone in performing.

In this review we will look at vivo v15 pro how the vivo v15 pro features as well as how it performs. The phone has got a dual-core processor and a single touch screen. As per the specification, it has got the Adreno rating of 730ns, so expect a smooth and fast browsing, excellent image clarity and a high level of interaction. The vivo v15 pro features a six mega-pixel wide LCD display with brightness of around 400 nits.

The rear camera of this smartphone has an effective image recording quality. It also has an impressive video-recording quality. The rear camera of this smartphone has a higher optical zoom lens compared to the one found in some top smartphones. The vivo v15 who has got a nice compact size along with a nice slim design. The entire phone has a nice weight, which can be comfortable to hold.

The built-in memory of this smartphone is comparatively small but it is still capable of storing plenty of data. The built-in memory of this smartphone is not much bigger than the one found in some modern touch-screen mobile phones. The vivo v15 proof snapdragon 675 has a nice range of memory that can support the apps that you may download from the android store or the iTunes store.

This smartphone has got a 16 mp rear camera with a total resolution of 4015 pixels. It has got a dualtone camera flash, so the pictures to get a nice natural colour. The front and rear cameras of this smartphone are capable of recording videos in high definition. The colours of both the cameras are accurate and there is no distortion.

The built-in optical zoom lens on the rear camera helps in taking clear and crisp images. It is capable of achieving the same optical zoom that is used by the professional photographers. The images taken using the rear camera of this smartphone come out clear and sharp, as well as having a decent amount of color. The good number of pixels located in the rear camera help to reduce the noise that is created during the process of taking images, when compared to the one found in some high end smartphones that have large pixels.